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From 100383$@, 11/5/2022
Always fun to check-in groups at the Greensboro Airport. This group included the beautiful Tammie Hill and her son, Ryan (not pictured). Frank Henson, Host for Pair A Dice, checked in the group headed to Harrah's Gulf Coast for a three night trip.  

From 100383$@, 9/6/2022
Great Meal at Cherokee Brios during 5X Tier Week! Some familiar Pair A Dice faces: Frank and Beverly Henson, Walt and Debbie Broom, and behind the camera, Tammy Hill.
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From stetsonp, 9/3/2020

Do you struggle to find a good Halloween costume?  

If so, you have come to the right place!  Our customers are some of the most creative people around!  Although Halloween may look a little different for us this year, we thought it would be fun to share some inspiration with you from some of our past parties. 

Be sure to check out our Halloween albums on our Facebook Page. If you want to see some fun videos be sure to check out our Instagram stories under the Halloween Highlights.

From stetsonp, 7/28/2020
So I recently hosted a group to Harrah's New Orleans.  If you have been before, it was definitely a different vibe.  My boyfriend, who has never been to NOLA, was able to accompany me on this trip.  Here are a few things I liked and didn't like. 

What I liked - No lines! Usually New Orleans is so crowded you can't even get into your favorite spots.  The lines to some of my favorite places were short and fast.  I also like that we were able to see so much of New Orleans in such a short amount of time. 

The Steakhouse at Harrah's.  WOW!  This restaurant is a MUST.  We ordered the scallops and filet, and they did not dissapoint.

Downside - No people! So even though this was also my positive, it just didn't feel like normal New Orleans. 

Here are some of the places we went outside of the casino.  Feel free to call the office to ask me any questions. 
Good Music
Gazebo Cafe (we didn't have to order food)
Cafe Beignet on Bourbon St (great atmosphere for drinks and music, we just bought a cheap praline haha. 
Lunch/Drink spots
Corner Oyster House - the best chargrilled oysters!!
Lucy's (this one had fun drinks, and was open late)
Finnegan's  ask for Evan! He was great! 
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From Kim, 7/27/2020
Earlier this year I celebrated my 8 year anniversary working at Pair-A-Dice Travel so have been reflecting a lot on this wonderful journey.
I was introduced to Janet by my sister-in-law who happened to know I was looking to go back to work after being a stay at home mom and assisting my husband with his business for many years.  My only working experience at the time was that I had briefly been a leisure and corporate travel agent back in the mid-'80s before everything was done on the internet and the few secretarial skills I had picked up over the years.  I knew absolutely NOTHING about casino travel but luckily Janet took a chance and gave me the opportunity to learn! 
In the beginning, as Kelly's assistant, I learned the basics from the very best and then after 3 months, I became "Cherokee Kim"  the expert for all things Harrah's Cherokee.  Since we only did a few Cherokee reservations a month at that time this was viewed as kind of a joke in the office but once live tables opened in September 2012 our reservations soon went from only a few per month to hundreds! 
Now everyone in the office assists with Harrah's Cherokee reservations but that property will always be very special to me!
I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity and the many friends I have made along the way!  I'm looking forward to working with and seeing everyone again very soon!!

From Mohr2539, 6/5/2020
Dear Pair-A-Dice family, I hope this finds everyone healthy! I would like to thank everyone who has called to check on us girls. We are back to work now and ready to help you book your casino travels. Exciting! Please take time to check out our website for our upcoming schedule including Charters, Commercial Groups, Cruises and our Motorcoach trips to Harrah's Cherokee. This has obviously been a stressful time for everyone, but some good things certainly have come from the situation our world is dealing with. Time has become more precious and I have realized there are alot of things that took up my time that now I feel are not necessary. I look forward to speaking to you and seeing you all soon! Stay safe and healthy!

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From jodi@mycasinotravel.com, 5/15/2020

Our first couple of weeks back in the office have been an adventure! 
Thank you to everyone that has checked on us during this strange time.  We are all working full time again and cannot wait to host a trip with you in the near future!  

From Paula, 4/9/2020
Customers, Friends and now Family!
It has been a challenging month in the casino travel industry and I have especially missed the interaction with our customers!  I have talked to many to check in during this time but not all of course. I have been thinking about the many trips, parties, cruises and interactions and the fun times we have had. There are so many and too numerous to recount them all here.  Needless to say, I have had a blast with every one!  Sure, we've had some travel delays and misplaced luggage, etc. but through it all our customers have been troopers and made my job being their host so enjoyable. It's easy to see how you, our customers, have become my friends and now my Pair-A-Dice family.  Here's to you, OUR CUSTOMERS, OUR FRIENDS, OUR FAMILY.  We miss you and are so looking forward to traveling with you again soon.  Stay healthy and strong family!
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From stetsonp, 4/2/2020

We all know how much I love to travel, but sometimes staying at home can feel just as much like a vacation to me. 

Here is how I am surviving my staycation this week. 

1. Cleaning. I know it doesn’t sound fun, and I’m not taking on any big projects. I’m setting a timer for 30 minutes a day to go through and clean/organize something that I’ve been putting off. There is no need to try to do it all at once. I mean I am going to be working from home another full month. 

2. Learning new things! I am not musically gifted, but I do love learning new things. With so many free tutorials online now, I am taking the time to learn how to play songs on my ukulele. Haha. Maybe if I get really good I will add a song to our Pair-A-Dice TV

3. Connecting with friends. Although, I can’t physically be with them right now, I have been utilizing FaceTime a lot more. It’s been nice to get tours of their homes, see their kids, and honestly just to see more faces. If you don’t have FaceTime, Facebook messenger and Instagram also have video chatting features.

4. Moving my body! Everyday I’ve been doing some sort of activity. I like going outside and walking the best. I’ve also enjoyed looking up fun workout routines to do from home. There are plenty.

5. Probably the most important thing I’ve been doing for my sanity is staying in routine with my daily quiet time in prayer. My favorite app to use is the Holy Bible app. It has daily verses and prayers. The app also lets you connect with friends and talk about devotionals together. Knowing that God has the whole world in His hands gives me peace and hope for the future. 
What are some things that you are doing while you are staying home? 


From AmyBrasher, 3/27/2020
Be sure to check our YouTube channel for the weekly edition of Pair-A-Dice TV.  We will be posting upcoming trips, events, and giveaways.  You don't want to miss out!

Click here.  
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From AmyBrasher, 7/30/2019
Thank you Mandy & Ameristar St Charles for a fun filled weekend!  We can't wait to come back!  Don't miss out on our next casino junket to Ameristar St Charles! 

From AmyBrasher, 7/30/2019
This article from Tom Stieghorst at Travel Weekly has great tips for cruise travel!

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From Styronie, 7/16/2019
I didn't get any pictures this time but we had a wonderful time at Harrah's Cherokee. Thanks to Wanda and our driver, Steve, for a smooth trip.

From AmyBrasher, 4/1/2019
Check out this article from Erica Silverstein on Cruise Critic!  Your Guide to Cruise Line Drink Packages

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From jodi@mycasinotravel.com, 2/18/2019

Thank you, everyone that joined us for our second annual Valentines Dinner Party at Harrah’s Cherokee. As always Elliott and the Cherokee team did an amazing job. 

From AmyBrasher, 2/13/2019
Happy Birthday Walt!  Thank you for celebrating on our Pair-A-Dice motorcoach trip! 
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From jodi@mycasinotravel.com, 10/29/2018
Thank you, everyone, that joined us for our 9th annual Pair A Dice Halloween Party at Harrah's Cherokee. We had a great time and hope to see you again at our next event. 

From AmyBrasher, 8/10/2018
Thank you Amber & Ameristar Council Bluffs for hosting our group!  Another anniversary celebration in the books!  Our fireworks cruise may have gotten rained out, but we still had so much fun!  
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From AmyBrasher, 6/8/2018
Danny & Helene having fun on Maid of the Mist on a trip to Seneca Niagara Falls! 

Located just blocks from the U.S. side of Niagara Falls, Seneca Niagara is one of our premier destinations.  Check out our group schedule or plan your own trip up there!  Take your passport to visit the Canadian side too! 

From AmyBrasher, 5/24/2018
Look at our customers getting spoiled by Amber at Ameristar Council Bluffs!  If you haven't been there yet, you are missing out!  Join our next trip there, June 29-July 2.  Call office for details! 
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From AmyBrasher, 4/12/2018
Thank you to all who came out this past weekend to help us celebrate our 25th Anniversary at Harrah's Atlantic City.  

To view more pictures, click here.  

If you have pictures to share, please email to Amy@mycasinotravel.com