Complimentary cruise

Q: How do I get a complimentary cruise?
Q: If I get a complimentary cabin what will I have to pay?
Q: Is the comp for one or two guests?
Q: Can the second guest combine their play with mine to get a better cabin?
Q: What if I don’t like the cabin category comp? Can I pay for an upgrade.
Q: Is there anything else that I will have to pay for on the cruise?
Q: Do I get any perks from booking through you?
Q: Is airfare included with my complimentary cruise?
Q. What if I have a friend or family member that wants to join me on my cruise?

Cruise Anytime and Groups

Q: What is “Cruise Anytime”?
Q: How do I book a Group Cruise?
Q: What is the advantages of booking with a group?
Q: If there is a host on board what can we expect?

Casino and Casino play

Q: What is expected from me if I get a complimentary cruise?
Q: When is the casino open while on the cruise?
Q: Do the cruise lines have player programs similar to land based casinos?
Q: Do I get any perks for playing in the casino?
Q: Can I smoke in the casino?

Cruise Lines

Q: Which cruise lines do we represent?
Q: What if I’ve cruised with one of the cruise lines before? Can you still book me?
Q: What are they waiting periods?

Casino offers

Q: What if I have a free cruise offer from Harrah’s or the cruise line?
Q: What are the offers you can’t book?

Cruising again

Q: How do I receive my offer if I completed a cruise booked through you and I am ready cruise again?
Q: How will the cruise line determine my offer?


Q: Do I need a passport to cruise?
Q: What is a valid passport?